Hi, I’m Robin. You might also know me as John. I used to work in marketing; now I focus on technical copywriting.

The first time I used a computer, it made me so nervous that I threw up (stomach poisoning may have also had something to do with it). I figured it could only go up from there.

I specialize in documentation and microcopy for a wide array of topics. I like explaining difficult things in appealing ways.

I’m not taking on new projects at the moment, but please feel free to reach out all the same. Happy to stay in touch: robin (at) rookwork (dot) com

Work history

ZSA Technology Labs: Customer Service, Writer
2021 - Present
Here I write a whole lot about keyboards. My main job is answering customer questions that range from When will my order ship?” to What’s the difference between a dual-function key and a tap dance key and how do I implement both?” When I’m not answering emails, I’m QCing new features and writing and editing various copy of all different kinds.

You can see a lot of my writing at blog.zsa.io.

Rookwork: Copywriting contract work
2020 - Present
My personal company and the very site that you’re on. Naturally, Rookwork has evolved with me. I started mostly in SEM, and I’ve since shifted to copy generally but with more of a focus on technical writing.

Altonimbus Entertainment: Marketing Manger, Assistant Director of Publicity
2019 - 2021
Here I volunteered to help with a Japanese culture convention called Kumoricon. I wrote a lot of copy, mainly for socials, news posts, and a digital and printed newsletter plus some technical docs on password management for teams and such. I also interacted with press and managed a small team.

Bellissimo Coffee Advisors: Marketing Manager
2019 - 2021
It’s difficult to capture everything I did here succinctly. There were dozens of pages of all new website copy, a complete overhaul of PPC advertisements, two brand new online courses as new streams of revenue when COVID hit, and tons of miscellaneous customer service and IT work. I also created and honed an email sequence that, when combined with my PPC and SEO efforts, accounted for about 80% of sales.

Wisconsin Historical Society Press: Marketing Specialist
2017 - 2019
Mostly this entailed running the Press’s social media, but I was kind of a jack of all trades. I managed the layout, printing, and delivery of a season catalog, I wrote and designed print and digital ads and some book covers, and I even fixed a temperamental scanner from time to time.

A Room of One’s Own Bookstore: Store Associate
While working at a book publisher I also worked at a book store. The main thing I learned? Books in boxes are really, really heavy.

University of Wisconsin Press: Intern
Your pretty typical data entry gig. Not the most glamorous, but I took it seriously and managed to be quite efficient. There was a backlog of things to be entered dating all the way back to 1970 that I worked through in my spare time. I also wrote a few blog posts and proofed some catalog issues.