Some things you should know before you contact me

I’d love to work with you! But let me throw you a couple qualifiers to working with me. It’s better these are out in the open from the get-go, so we can avoid awkward conversations later. If any of these don’t work for you, no hard feelings.

I hate tomatoes

Like, truly despise them. If you’re trying to sell tomatoes, there are ton of other great copywriters out there. I can’t bring myself to compliment this disgusting faux vegetable.

I’m strict about timekeeping

When I log hours for you, I’m working on your projects. If you’ve got a budget, I’ll stay under budget. But I only do unbilled hours if I really like you.

I’m nonbinary

Probably won’t come up too much as we work together, but if you’re uncomfortable using they/them pronouns we might not be a good fit.

Want to hire me for copywriting services?

If none of those are deal breakers for you, let’s work together. A big reason I got into copywriting was because I love to learn about new things and immerse myself in different communities, so I want to hear about you, your next big project, and what you’d like my help with. I’ll be back to you within 24 hours. If I’m not, feel free to pester me!

Email robin (at)

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