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Client: Virtual Coffee (Bellissimo Coffee Advisors)

Problem: Create a consumer training platform for coffee


One project I can truly say I created in full is virtualcoffee.com. Virtual Coffee was Bellissimo Coffee Advisors’s first real break into the consumer market. They had trained coffee shop owners and baristas for years, but quarantine during COVID-19 created the perfect time to create a home barista offering as well. 

I was asked to do the following, “Make a home training platform with text and videos as fast as possible. Call it Virtual Coffee.” That’s quite literally as much direction as I was given. 

My Approach

I set to work scheduling time with our trainers to shoot as well as working on site and course itself. Things were humming along pretty smoothly and we were nearing the end, but all of a sudden I realized a problem. 

I couldn’t pitch this. There was no hook.

We weren’t the only ones who thought of a home barista course. In fact, we were late to the party. There had to be something different about our course. Its price point was lower, that was good, but price alone wasn’t going to be enough. 

I remember adjusting my desk to its standing position (something I do to think) and starting to pace. I walked across my studio apartment and back, each time coming back to my computer to write down an idea I had on the trek, but nothing was sticking. After no less than 20 laps from kitchen to desk, I dejectedly lowered my desk and closed my brainstorming document. I had only a few days to be done with the site, and felt farther away than ever without a good hook. 

That was a Friday afternoon. On Sunday morning, as I was sipping coffee, it hit me. The hook I needed. I ran to my notebook to write down, content to implement it on Monday, but after finishing my coffee I just couldn’t wait. I tore out whatever boilerplate copy I had written before and even went so far as to rearrange the structure of the course entirely to fit with my new idea. 

Become “the coffee friend” in 5 days.

Suddenly the course wasn’t just about learning how to make good coffee at home, it was about adding to your identity. In just 5 days, you could become the one your friends turn to for coffee advice. With that, Virtual Coffee was ready. 


Press Release

Appeared in

Portland Business Journal

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