Becoming the #1 barista training platform

Client: Online Barista Training (Bellissimo Coffee Advisors)

Problem: Seize the opportunity to regain past notoriety and surge ahead of faltering competition in the barista training space


Launched in 2014, Online Barista Training came out of gates roaring then just kind of petered out. Don’t get me wrong, it was still doing okay, but it had been largely eclipsed in the online coffee training space.

That is, until I started working on it.

My Approach

Online Barista Training was lacking a few basic necessary SEO features that I implemented and quickly resulted in a surge of organic traffic. Still nowhere near its peak, but at much as five times what it was getting only a couple months prior. 

It was clear to me that the site needed some updating, especially its copy. Previously there was almost no copy to speak of which made for a great minimal looking site, but gave search engines (and customers) almost nothing to look at. My challenge was to maintain the overall cohesiveness of the site while finding places to work in more copy.

Since my redesign, Online Barista Training has climbed to the first page of Google for both “online barista training” and even more impressively simply “barista training”.

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