Selling premium products with copy

Client: Bellissimo Coffee Advisors

Problem: Convincing skeptic and busy small business owners to buy premium products


How do you sell expensive products to people with tight budgets? That is the problem Bellissimo Coffee Advisors faces every day. Bellissimo is the oldest and most experienced coffee consulting and training company in the United States, but coffee shop owners on the whole have gotten less wealthy, not more. 

Bellissimo’s digital templates are a potentially amazing asset to coffee shop owners, well worth their price. Of course, coffee shop owners are not so easily convinced. They’re also not likely to pick up the phone to be sold to, so Bellissimo turned to copy. 

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My Approach

With these pages, I went back to one of the core tenants of good copy: keep it focused on benefits to the customer. Even more importantly, keeping it focused on things that matter to coffee shop owners. Nothing about running a coffee shop is as straightforward as it should be. Nothing. These templates exist to truly lessen stress amidst the never ending stream of complications coffee shop owners face.

Business Plan | Employee Handbook | Operations Manual

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