Emails that sell products without using a discount

Client: Bellissimo Coffee Advisors

Problem: Sell products without relying on discounts


I don’t like discounts. They have their place, and it’s not like I will never run one, but a big problem for Bellissimo Coffee Advisors was they only seemed to get sales when they ran discounts. As soon as a 10 or 20% sign went up, the cash would start coming in. But they didn’t want their products to come out of a bargain bin. They wanted to be the premiere coffee educators who people were happy to pay full price to work with. The truth was, their customers had sniffed them out, and it was only getting worse. 

First, we stopped the discounts. Not entirely, but we reigned them in to a manageable level. Then, I needed to come up with a way to communicate the value to working with Bellissimo. After all, Bellissimo was the very first coffee shop educator in the country. They worked with thousands of clients over the years, but it wasn’t ringing true. 

Pretty quickly, I realized Bellissimo wasn’t taking advantage of perhaps their best marketing tool: their happy clients. Thus, emails like these were born.

My Approach

I started sitting down with former Bellissimo clients in the area who now operate their own coffee businesses and just talked with them. After very little prompting, they were all too happy to talk about how their experience with Bellissimo was instrumental to their current success.

Then, all it took to start selling was cutting a few clips and telling their stories. These emails consistently doubled their monthly digital revenue and were instrumental in rebuilding their lost premium feel. It was no longer just Bellissimo saying they could help, they could now point directly to people living their coffee shop dreams and say, “We can help you get there too.”


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