Helping an NPO stand for an important cause

Client: Kumoricon

Problem: Craft a thoughtful and meaningful message backed by a plan of action to support the Black Lives Matter movement


During the height of the BLM protests in Spring and Summer of 2020, many organizations were putting out statements about their own policies around race and committing to do better. Some were received well, many were not. 

The statements often meant well, but without any kind of action or plan to change, most came across hollow and insulting to the black community. An Anime and Japanese culture convention called Kumoricon is probably not what comes to mind when you picture a high-stakes BLM statement. Yet, the Director of Publicity came to me to help craft just such a statement. 

If you don’t know, Anime culture in the West has not been kind to people of color, especially black people. Perhaps because Anime is often extremely whitewashed, that constantly reinforced aesthetic rubs off on its fans. Regardless, I wanted our statement to address this issue.

My Approach

Kumoricon prides itself on being an inclusive community. Many attendees and staff are LGBTQ+, disabled, or otherwise marginalized. I felt strongly that Kumoricon should state unambiguously that our community to inclusivity extended to our black community members as well, and the board agreed. 

After many talks and edits, we were able to release this statement. 

It was met with great responses from black staff and fans, and is continuing to influence Kumoricon policies to this day.

Kumoricon Stands With Black Lives Matter

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