Trust building and sales, automatically

Client: Bellissimo Coffee Advisors

Problem: Create a consumer training platform for coffee


If you’re unfamiliar with the coffee industry, it’s an interesting place. There’s a wealth of free information on the Internet about starting a coffee shop, making drinks, and really anything else you could wonder about coffee. This is great for consumers, in theory. 

In practice, this free information is sometimes great, sometimes really misleading, and often confusing. Many coffee shop hopefuls are convinced that opening a coffee shop is simple when that’s rarely the case. Bellissimo Coffee Advisors needed to quickly educate potential customers on what they didn’t know from their Internet research then open a gap that only Bellissimo products and services could bridge. 

Enter the onboarding sequence. 

My Approach

To get people interested in the onboarding sequence, I asked a simple question, “Are you ready to open a coffee shop?” Ultimately, this is what 90% of our customers want, to feel ready. And this is what Internet research wasn’t giving them. 

The sequence is built around 5 emails, each one imparting a lesson designed to be informative but also evoke a little more fear. Basically, “There’s 100 things you need to know. Here’s 5, but there’s 95 others waiting to collapse your future business.” 

Manipulative? Sure, but all sales and marketing is. I would rather scare someone away from investing tens of thousands of dollars in a business they end up hating than risk a bunch of listicles convincing them all opening a coffee shop takes is 10 easy steps. 

On the fifth day, I build the bridge for them. Bellissimo’s online course is the way forward with their dream. So far this online course has grossed more in a shorter period of time than any other product Bellissimo has ever released.


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