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Bellissimo Coffee Advisors

Mini Email Course Sales Sequence

Client: Bellissimo Coffee Advisors

Problem: How to quickly build trust and prime potential customers for expensive courses


If you’re unfamiliar with the coffee industry, it’s an interesting place. There’s a wealth of free information on the Internet about starting a coffee shop, making drinks, and really anything else you could wonder about coffee. This is great for consumers, in theory.

In practice, this free information is sometimes great, sometimes really misleading, and often confusing. Many coffee shop hopefuls are convinced that opening a coffee shop is simple when that’s rarely the case. Bellissimo Coffee Advisors needed to quickly educate potential customers on what they didn’t know from their Internet research then open a gap that only Bellissimo products and services could bridge

My Approach

So, the main goals of this project were the following:

  1. Build trust with Bellissimo and position Bellissimo as an authority
  2. Prime potential customers for a course/workshop format
  3. Ideally, sell products automatically without the need for manual sales intervention

Having previously created a successful email lead magnet for Bellissimo, I saw the potential of email as a format for them. I decided the best way to accomplish these goals was to create a small version of what a customer could expect and deliver it by email.

The popup

I know, people don't like popups. I'm not a fan of them either, but after testing a few options I couldn't justify not using it. The popup simply generated the most signups by far. I would like to investigate other effective ways way collect emails, but this was my solution to get the project done quickly.

The lead magnet includes both the old lead magnet (that I knew was working) and the new promise of a mini course.

To get people interested in the onboarding sequence, I asked a simple question, “Are you ready to open a coffee shop?” Ultimately, this is what 90% of Bellissimo customers want, to feel ready. And this is what Internet research wasn’t giving them.

The mini course

The sequence is built around 5 emails, each one imparting a lesson designed to be informative but also lead to more questions.

The first two days are mostly about broad concepts and perfectly encapsulate the "provide some answers, but ask more questions" approach I took when creating this mini course. They are insightful, but ultimately don't tell readers all that much they need to know. I did these first two lessons this way purposely to build up that need for answers a little more in readers. Basically continuing to yank the carrot on the stick while giving a little information to keep people interested.

The next two days provide a few more answers and involve an element of social proof by letting very successful past Bellissimo clients speak instead of just me. Both of these lessons are designed to validate readers in three ways:

  1. Opening a coffee shop is hard, you're not wrong for being overwhelmed.
  2. It's good to take the time to plan and be picky about how you open your business.
  3. It's completely possible. Others have done it and continue to run successful businesses.

These validations pull readers up and start to get them excited about their coffee shop all over again.

On the fifth day, I channel that excitement. I say opening a coffee shop isn't for everyone (it's really not) but if the reader is serious about it, taking the time to learn with Bellissimo is a good investment.

So far the online course has grossed more in a shorter period of time than any other product Bellissimo has ever released, largely due to this mini course. The trust building aspect of the mini course is also effective as nearly all of Bellissimo's higher paying customers go through it before committing.