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Client: Online Barista Training (Bellissimo Coffee Advisors)

Problem: Seize the opportunity to regain past notoriety and surge ahead of faltering competition in the barista training space


Old site header

Launched in 2014, Online Barista Training saw a strong start but slowly petered out over the years. It had been largely eclipsed in the online coffee training space by competitors for a variety of reasons, but the three issues I wanted to address most were:

  1. SEO faults - Online Barista Training should have had good search engine rankings, but did not.
  2. Lack of compelling product copy - The previous landing pages of Online Barista Training were informational but didn't communicate why the platform was useful.
  3. Differentiation problems - Previously, Online Barista Training looked like a more direct competitor to another barista training platform when ultimately that's not what it was. OBT is straightforward and geared towards practical team training, not cutting edge coffee theory. There is a definite market for that kind of training, but it needed to be communicated better.

My Approach

After some thought, I realized I could fix all these major issues with only a few key changes.


The first and easiest change I made was simply to review and fix some technical SEO issues the site faced. Making sure the sitemap was correct and submitted, checking for easy wins to improve page load times, and improving the heading structure of the main pages only took about a day of work and saw immediate results. Traffic nearly quadrupled by the end of the week.

Product Copy and Differentiation

Old product copy

I realized improving these two things could be done together and would also further boost SEO. I didn't try to reinvent the wheel with any design or copy. I simply leaned into who I saw as OBT's most successful customers. I did some interviews with long standing, high revenue generating customers and used their stories to influence my copy.

The new header of the site
New product copy

The main theme of the copy is driving home the idea that the training is consistent and straightforward. It saves either individual baristas or team managers from training the same basics over and over again, and it improves the training process for everyone involved.

I also added a bit of social proof to up the credibility of the copy a little, and called it done.


Online Barista Training now ranks among the top barista training platforms you can find. Organic traffic makes up 70-90% of customers in any given month.