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Bellissimo Coffee Advisors

Selling Premium Products with Copy

Client: Bellissimo Coffee Advisors

Problem: Convincing skeptic and busy small business owners to buy premium products


How do you sell expensive products to people with tight budgets? That is the problem Bellissimo Coffee Advisors faces every day. Bellissimo is the oldest and most experienced coffee consulting and training company in the United States, but coffee shop owners on the whole have gotten less wealthy, not more.

Bellissimo’s digital templates are a potentially amazing asset to coffee shop owners, saving them crucial hours during one of their busiest times. Of course, coffee shop owners are not so easily convinced. They’re also not likely to pick up the phone to be sold to, so Bellissimo turned to copy.

My Approach

The previous copy describing Bellissimo's templates wasn't terrible, strictly speaking, but it lacked some oomph. It was purely informational and a little robotic.

With these new pages, I went back to one of the core tenants of good copy: keep it focused on benefits to the customer. Even more importantly, addressing your customers' specific needs.

Defining the customer

With any project it's important to define or review what we know about the customer and how we can use that for copy. I regularly conversed with Bellissimo clients about their needs and conducted a few customer interviews specifically for this project. These were the three main points I wanted to address:

  1. Coffee shop owners are busy. Saving time is a priority, and communicating how they can save time quickly would be essential.
  2. Many Bellissimo clients come from different backgrounds and may not know what these documents should look like. There would need to be at least a small education component.
  3. Coffee shop owners are independent and inherently a little suspicious. Social proof would be crucial.

The headlines

Usually when it comes to product copy, I write the headline first, write the body, then come back and rewrite the headline. This can go on for a while until I'm happy with the whole package. For these headlines, I erred on the side of grandiose and attention grabbing. Coffee shop owners are savvy, but most of them still behave like consumers who don't have quite the same aversion to sweeping claims like these that a B2B customer might.

The business plan template headline hints at some social proof but is ultimately meant to get the reader excited about their business. Many coffee shop owners I talked to prided themselves on their work ethic, so I appealed to their sense of individuality as well.

For the employee handbook headline, I definitely went more of an anxiety inducing route. Small business owners are terrified of legal trouble, and an employee handbook is one of the most important tools to mitigate those troubles. Equally important to me was to get customers wanting to create their handbooks now as opposed to later. This has an obvious revenue benefit for Bellissimo, but it also creates a better experience for purchasers who are able to create the handbook when they have more time and have it ready whenever they need it.

The operations manual headline is the most educational of the bunch because it is the least understood of the three. Many Bellissimo customers don't even know what an operations manual is, let alone why they would buy one. So I started off communicating the most important benefit a coffee shop owner will get from the product, and how it will get them that benefit.

The sales text

Moving down the pages, I created sections to further communicate why someone would purchase these templates and mixed in social proof. Previously, Bellissimo's reviews and positive comments were all contained in one Testimonials page that did not get much traffic.

I prefer incorporating these comments on the product pages themselves and specifically intermixed with my own product copy. It helps ensure people will actually read the social proof, and it also gives more credibility to the product copy.

The informational text

Finally, it was important to address what the documents actually contain. One of the most common questions Bellissimo got was asking to see sample pages or just asking for what a customer could expect from the templates. So, I implemented both sample pages and and section-by-section breakdown of the templates.

Stakeholders at Bellissimo were initially reluctant to implement sample pages out of fear that the templates could be stolen. I felt strongly that the sample pages would greatly reduce purchasing friction, so I chose only a handful of pages to sample and put a watermark over them. Stakeholders were still somewhat reluctant, but comfortable enough to proceed.

Questions for sample pages immediately stopped and purchase rates went up. Just to conclusively prove the sample pages were helping, I tested the pages without them a couple months later. Within the next day (seriously) two people reached out to ask about sample pages, I sent them, and they purchased. I reimplemented the sample pages the next day.

Putting it all together

The result of these new product pages in combination with some other marketing efforts increased the rate these templates are purchased by 5x - 7x. Fortunately, this came just in time for the 2020 COVID pandemic when Bellissimo's primary revenue channel, in-person workshops, was no longer an option. As alluded to above, these pages also drastically cut down the friction customers faced when buying and cut down time staff were spending responding to similar questions over and over.

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